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👾Quest & Reward

What is Quest?

Quest is one of the most crucial features in SAKABA which incentivizes gamers’ on and off-chain engagement through completion of specific objectives or tasks to gain rewards such as experience points, in-game items and currency.

Players can earn experience points(abbreviated as XP) by completing quests(when quests are available) and claiming the rewards by clicking Claim button after the criteria is met.

When the player reached a certain amount of experience points they increase their player's level.

The level of a player can be used as a gamer's permanent on-chain credential record, which can be used as one of the indicators to determine eligibility for utilities and bonus perks provided by game publishers on SAKABA in the near future.

This means that their accomplishments will never be discarded when playing a new game. Our gamer credential system identifies gamers as real users, allowing them to receive many benefits from gaming publishers.

The flexibility of Quests creates a more personalized and dynamic gaming experience, leading to deeper engagement and increasing loyalty and retention.

Each time a player reaches the next level, they receive special rewards, and XP gets reseted to zero. Level can only be incremented by accumulating XP.

How to gain XP

Daily Quests

Daily quests are a kind of quest which gets reseted everyday, and players can earn XP by completing everyday. To be added in Phase2.

Event Quests

Event Quests are special quests with unique rewards that can only be undertaken for a specific time. Players can only complete event quests one time, and these quests don't usually get reseted.

New Account Quests

New accounts are given 3 sets of quests as a part of leveling experience. Completing these quests will allow you to access more quests.

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Leveling Up

XP Required(Subject to change)

Milestone Rewards(Subject to change)

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