📍3. Roadmap

This project is currently in a very early stage of development, therefore many of these features and the general time frames for releases may be subject to change.

Phase 1 MVP 22Q4(End of Oct. ~ November)

This phase includes the most foundational function of Sakaba - Proof-of-Play reputation system via completion of quests; Launchpad of AAA games. Our minimum viable product(MVP) is scheduled to launch following mainnet launch of Oasys blockchain. We expect it to happen approximately end of October.

  • Exp&Level

  • Launchpad

  • Leaderboard

  • SAKABA Token

Phase 2 Foundation 23Q1(Feb.)

After successful launch of our MVP, more foundational utilities will be implemented to boost our user base. This includes but not limited to Utility Token and its use cases, discord role integration and NFT staking.

  • SDK for publishers

  • Discord, NFT integration

Phase 3 Scaling 23Q2~3(Summer)

With our solid user base in Oasys ecosystem, now it's time to globally roll out our service to other blockchains and ecosystems. This will not only make our platform a new standard of blockchain gaming industry but also contribute to our mission which is to bridge the gap between traditional gaming and Web3 gaming industry.

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