🌏2. Ecosystem

SAKABA(酒場)is focusing on gamer friendly ecosystem!

SAKABA(酒場) is coming to multiple game-specific blockchains and will be an essential platform for gamers, minimizing elements of complex tokens and speculation in order to become a truly gamer friendly product by maximizing their gaming experience.



SAKABA will be one of the first gamer-specified DID projects which support Oasys ecosystem. As stated in our roadmap, we are targeting our initial launch of the product on on Oasys to support and provide our tools to the most anticipated gaming enterprise publishers.Also we have strong partners such as TofuNFT(The largest multi-chain NFT marketplace, Oasys, Asian Gaming Guilds and famous gaming projects.


We support Avalanche ecosystem. It’s hosting a number of blockchain-based gaming projects. With their subnets solutions, it’s being one of the best destination for gaming projects. We are supporting Avalanche from our first version. And we’ve taken partnerships the best gaming projects on Avalanche, ie Eldarune, Pulsar, Cyberstella.


We support Polygon ecosystem. It’s one of the most major blockchain for web3 gaming projects. A number of video gaming studios started to building web3/NFT gaming on Polygon. We are supporting Polygon from our first version. We are going to announcement our partnerships with amazing gaming projects on Polygon.


We support BNB ecosystem. It’s one of the most popular blockchain in Asia and South America. Its gaming community is growing at a rapidly fast pace and being one of the most thriving ecosystems.We have already announced our partnerships with Yuliverse and Billiard Crypto.


We support Arbitrum ecosystem. It’s the ecosystem with the most momentum, having already put the infrastructure in place, even though they are the ecosystem with the biggest growth in 2022. It has Arbitrum Nova, that is a great environment for gameing projects. User actions can mint items on-chain at a high frequency, from currency to personalised assets. We are going to announcement our partnerships with amazing gaming projects on Arbitrum, Nova.

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